What is Velvet Valkyrie exactly? 

Velvet Valkyrie is an online apparel, gear, and goodies store with a new and entertaining leveling system that intertwines creators and their fans into a symbiotic relationship. It offers perks and unlocks rewarding elements as you move forward either as a creator or a fan. We are midway between a geek/pop culture store and a game. You can find more information on our roadmap page; it’s all explained! 


Where does the design for Velvet Valkyrie come from? 

The original branding and design come from the talented mind of Tony Moreno, one of the initiators of the project. He is also the Founder, Managing and Creative Director of Black Pug Studio, the creative agency behind the entire project. 


Are other designers and artists going to produce designs and art for Velvet Valkyrie? 

Yes, many more! 


Is Velvet Valkyrie linked to any games? 

Yes, and no. During the first phase of Velvet Valkyrie, we will be focusing on Velvet Valkyrie’s merch products, its lore, and the development of the platform and its community. In the future, there will be mini-games, mobile games, and other entertaining facets that everybody will be able to explore. In the meantime, artists, streamers, and other content creators will be featured on Velvet Valkyrie, and some of them are totally linked to gaming communities. 


What is the purpose of Velvet Valkyrie? 

Offer a space for artists, content creators, streamers, and their fans where they can support their favorite creators in a symbiotic relationship and via our leveling system and Runes of Creation or Power. 


What are the Runes of Creation? 

They are the Runes given to the creators and imbued with great power! Each creator receives one! They unlock a progression system with missions, goals, etc.… Through those, creators can activate perks, abilities, and use the infused power of the Rune to benefit from awesome extra features. Find out everything about our Runes of Creation here. 


What are the Runes of Power? 

They are the Runes given to the fans, and each user receives one! They open a path of progression to unlock gifts, bonuses, perks, abilities. Through those, users can infuse the Runes of Creation of their favorite creators and boost them. Find out everything about our Runes of Power here. 


Can I become a Velvet Valkyrie brand ambassador? 

Yes, absolutely, send us an email at hello@velvetvalkyrie.com and tell us why you believe you could be a great Velvet Valkyrie brand ambassador. We cherry-pick all our brand ambassadors, some are handpicked, and others can come to us. We are more than happy to meet with them and see what’s possible. 


What’s a real Creator? How do you qualify as a ‘streamer, content creator, artist, etc…’? 

All Creators are handpicked by our team to be featured on Velvet Valkyrie and have their own space on the site. They range from digital artists, illustrators, content creators, and streamers for now. Applications are also open, and if you believe you should be on Velvet Valkyrie, you can send us an email at hello@velvetvalkyrie.com. Tell us everything about you. Send us amazing art, content, etc.… and we’ll review together! 


Is the clothing line only going to consist of unisex pieces? 

No, our selection of epic apparel and gear also contains clothes uniquely tailored for women and men. You can find unisex clothing, but it’ just a part of what we offer. 


What payment methods are accepted? 

We accept the following payment methods to purchase any items on Velvet Valkyrie: Amex, Apple Pay, G Pay, Maestro, MasterCard, PayPal, Shopify Pay, and VISA. 


In which currencies can I pay for my gear? 

All our prices are in Euros (€). However, you can have an account in a different currency, and it should still work. You may see exchange rate fees in your bank statements. 


Do you ship WorldWide? 

Yes, we should be able to ship pretty much everywhere. We use a fulfillment provider to make sure we can deliver in most parts of the world. 


Do you offer gift vouchers/discount codes? 

Yes, we do! And there are many ways to obtain them. 


How many gift vouchers/discount codes can I use for my order? 

Only one, don’t be greedy! 😀 


Can I cancel my order? 

Sadly, you cannot at the moment. Since payments on our platform are immediately processed when an order is placed, and because we do not support refunds, we will not be able to cancel orders once they are placed. 

To learn more about our Refund & Exchange Policy, head over to https://velvetvalkyrie.com/pages/return-exchange-policy. 


Can I track my order and where/how? 

Yes, you can! As soon as your order is shipped, you will receive a text message with the link to our logistic partner's tracking system. On this page, you will be able to monitor the status of your parcel at every step of the way!

If your order takes longer than expected to be delivered, please contact us at hello@velvetvalkyrie.com or via our contact page https://velvetvalkyrie.com/pages/contact, and we will swiftly look into it! 


Do you accept returns?  

Yes, of course! 


How do I make a return? 

If your product is damaged, defective or misprinted, you can return it at the following address: 

Starta 1 
2nd bldg., 3rd fl. 
Riga, Latvia 

We will be happy to replace it free of charge. Note that a size upgrade might add an extra cost in some instances.  

To learn more about our Refund & Exchange Policy, head over to https://velvetvalkyrie.com/pages/return-exchange-policy. 

Do you do cash refunds? 

No, sorry! Unfortunately, we do not support cash refunds for now. If your product doesn’t fit or you received the wrong product, we are happy to replace your product. Note that you need to notify us by email at hello@velvetvalkyrie.com or via our contact page https://velvetvalkyrie.com/pages/contact within four weeks after reception of your order. 

To learn more about our Refund & Exchange Policy, head over to https://velvetvalkyrie.com/pages/return-exchange-policy. 


My item is out of size/stock – when do you get it back? 

Our providers are working around the clock to make sure that all our products are available at all times! When a product is not available, it can take up to 2 weeks to get it back in stock. 

If you want to be notified when a product is back in stock, drop us an email at hello@velvetvalkyrie.com or use our contact page https://velvetvalkyrie.com/pages/contact! 


How do your sizes compare to other brands? 

We always try to offer as many options as possible when it comes to sizes and colors! We are proud to say that we provide a similar, if not higher, range of sizes. To make sure that all our customers are well informed, we display our size guides using the metric and imperial units. 


Where are Velvet Valkyrie products made? 

Our products are made in three large factories in the United States, Europe, and Mexico to ensure the fastest delivery time! Note that certain products are only available in specific production centers that might impact the delivery time on particular orders. 


What do we use your personal information for? (privacy policy) 

We only collect personal data that are needed to deliver your order to your door as fast as possible. Additionally, you can optionally opt-in to receive our newsletter, and note that you can opt-out at any moment. 

We do not share your data with third parties, and we have the utmost respect for your privacy. 

For more information about our Privacy Policy, please head over to https://velvetvalkyrie.com/pages/privacy-policy. 


How long will it take to get my order? 

We offer a few options when it comes to delivering your order going from 3-4 days to 5-10 days and more. The fastest options will be more expensive. Certain products may also affect the delivery time of your order.